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Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity

As a gay man growing up in a conservative religious community, I have witnessed the damaging  effects of homophobia, trans-phobia and sexual shame.  It is my goal and passion as a therapist to facilitate a healing space for clients to process any issues surrounding their sexual or gender identity.  Some of my clients seek me out directly for help in coming to as place of acceptance, whereas others enter therapy with mood concerns and discover some gender and sexual identity concerns through the trusting relationship of therapy.  In any case, I act as a resource for individuals to explore these issues in a safe, non-judgmental place, where they can experience not tolerance of who they are, but instead full acceptance and celebration of their true nature.  Human sexuality and gender identity are topics that are often considered taboo, especially when combined with factors like religious shame.  I consider it a great honor to be a resource for clients in these sensitive areas. 

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