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Session Rates

$130 for our initial intake session

$120 per 50-55 minute counseling session

I offer a limited number of slots at a reduced fee based on individual financial need.

Do you have Insurance Benefits?

Many insurance plans now offer coverage for mental health and wellness. If you would like to use this benefit, I will be submitting claims to your provider on a regular basis. Copayments and deductible payments are expected at the time of service.  In the event your insurance does not pay for your treatment, you will be responsible for full session payment.

Insurance benefits can be difficult to navigate.  It is confusing at times to determine exactly what mental wellness is covered. As a courtesy I will submit claims and contact your insurance with you. Please submit a copy of your insurance card or bring this with you to your first session. It would be helpful to contact your insurance and be aware of any deductibles prior to our session.

Many clients are choosing to pay out-of-pocket for therapy due to concerns that their information, including  mental health diagnoses, might be disclosed by their insurance company. 

I am a participating in-network provider for Blue Cross, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and Regence/Regence Blue Shield.

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